Barrister And Mann Roam SOTD

Above the Tie SE1 razor, Barrister and Mann Roam shave soap and AS

Razor : AboveTheTie SE1 FeatherAC format stainless steel razor with Ikon Razors Bamboo stainless steel handle and yintal razor stand

Blade : Schick Proline P30 SE blade

Brush: Razorock BC Silvertip Plissoft Synthetic brush

Shave Soap : Barrister And Mann Roam

Post Shave : Alum and B&M Roam AS

Finally first shave with the elsuive Baarrister And Mann Roam shaving soap and Aftershave.

Wonderful strong scent aptly called Roam by Barrister And Mann with strong hints of #tobacco, #tentcanvas #leather #forest #dirt – everything you would smell on an offbeat #adventure.

Wakes up ones senses to bag pack stuff and go on a long adventure drive on offbeat roads. Would be most preferred #weekend #shave. It needs to be released once again and made part of regular line offering by #barristerandmann !

The Above The Tie SE1 single edge Feather Artist Club format stainless steel razor is heavy, border line aggressive razor with the #schick #proline p30 blade. Razor needs a light touch for weight to give a fantastic #BBS #Shave.

Ikon Razors #bamboo #razorhandle with the notches is perfect counter balance to the head and helps navigating the extra long and heavy razor head intuitively.

Personalized #yintalrazor #Razorstand perfectly holds the razor between passes and is very sturdy and stable. This stand won’t tip over with any heavy razor.

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The Razorock Game Changer cometh !

Razorock announces the time of the Game changer razor release !

Finally ! The much awaited game changer safety razor CNC milled from 316L by Razorock is to go live as per the tweet from Joe. That would be 6:30 am IST here in Mumbai. Very excited to see this after waiting for months when it was announced. A razor to challenge the CNC milled safety razor market by players who sell three piece stainless steel razors north of minimum 185$.

The RR Mamba straight bar and the RR wunderbar slant razor shattered the market by announcing razors at 50$ and 125$.

While the SS Mamba was well received it recieved a mix response and is generally throught to be a mild but efficient razor. The wunderbar on the other hand is a beard slayer and needs an extremely light touch and not recommended for the beginners in wet shaving.

A middle of the line aggressive and smooth razor was natural progression for Razorock which was more on the line of Razors by Wolfmann, Above the Tie and Timless amongst the most preferred CNC milled stainless steel razors. All these razors are in the $$$ niche range.

The Rockwell Kickstarter project shattered the SS market by announcing their 6 base plate version of stainless steel Razor which was precision designed and very smooth and effective and sold in the thousands.

While smooth and very efficient with 6 levels of aggression, it didn’t steal the thunder as a quality CNC milled SS razors, due to it being injection molded to keep cost down. It is very functional, precise, with an industrial look which is bead blasted to a matte finish. It fell out of favour with many who did not approve of its looks or its thick head profile and some also its weight. Many described the shaves as extremely smooth and efficient but “boring”. Wet shaving has moved beyond just a low cost alternative to expensive plastic cartridge razors to also being about enjoying a great shave with good quality products. It’s not only about precision but also about style. The big $$$ brands seem to fill in this need making wet shaving a very expensive hobby.

Enter the Game changer – the successor to the fantastic RR Mamba with its superb design, thin head profile and precision. Joe believes it’s all about tolerances along with good balance of design and art for his razors. Exotic designs and mirror finishes increase the price and production release time and volume for CNC milled SS razors exponentially.

The Razorock Game changer is about to change that with the right balance of price, design, release time and unit volumes with extremely tight tolerances.

Simple elegant design with reasonable tumble finish polishing which guarantees high precision and those tight tolerances.

Quote from on the game changer product page.

Why did we call this razor the Game Changer? It’s really simple! This razor was produced to a standard that is superior to razors which typically costs 4-8 times the price, yet in usual RazoRock fashion we are bringing you the highest standards of quality at a price everyone can afford. The RazoRock Game Changer is built to last a lifetime, machined from marine grade billet stainless steel, the same way a Swiss watch case is machined. This is a razor you can depend on forever!

Build: Full CNC machined to tolerances of two thousandths of an inch

This summarises the soul of the Game Changer and I am eagerly waiting for it’s release at 9 PM EDT / 6:30 AM IST

April additions to my Shave den

Exciting new additions to my shave den

I’ve been looking at lathering bowls being hsed in YouTube videos for too long. Although I face lather, there are times I have wished for a bowl to lather in. One, they look very cool with their amazing artisan appeal. Second, they add awesomeness to Shave Of The Day #SOTD pictures on social networks.

After doing my research on wet shaving forums and YouTube videos, I went after the most preferred and loved brands.

Captain’s choice lather bowl in sandstone finish, Fine accoutrements lathering bowl in red / cream, Georgetown Pottery G12 shave scuttle and the much talked about innovative travel scuttle by Phoenix Artist Accoutrements made up of the “steel of plastics”, making it literally indestructible, not only from normal falls and bumps, but as demonstrated by several YouTube videos, this shave scuttle will survive most severe & intentional abuse it is subjected to – save one video where it was tossed in the air and punctured with a high bore shot gun shell !

While on the Phoenix Artist Accoutrements website, I also ordered other hardware and software which have received a lot of love and praise from the wetshaving community on the internet. Douglas Smythe, owner of PAA, has been known to bring many vintage hardware and scents back to life, and in style !

I have his original “How To Grow A Moustache” (HTGAM) symmetry open comb razor and his much loved and hated razors PAA Doc in satin finish and PAA prismatic in nickel finish, satin finish travel handle. More about them in a subsequent review blog.

The first batch of goodies which landed on the shores of Mumbai from my “Ship Out Of USA” (SOFU) virtual mailbox in the USA contains the items in the image below and I am very excited to try them out.


  • PAA bakelite open comb slant
  • Razorock SLAB razor (Shave Like A Boss)
  • Ikon razors newer version of their popular single edge razor – the MR-SE with their popular bulldog stainless steel handle in matte finish, takes Feather artist professional format blades.
  • Occam’s single edge razor which also take the Feather artist professional format blades


  • PAA “The Atomic Rocket” synthetic shave brush.
  • Razorock chrome synthetic shave brush
  • Razorock boar bristle brush in ash wood handle
  • Whipped Dog (Larry Andreassen) – my good friend’s 24mm high mountain badger knot in a marble design Luna resin handle.

Shaving bowls

  • PAA travel scuttle
  • Captain’s Choice regular size sandstone finish shave bowl
  • Fine accoutrements lather bowl in red and cream

Shave soap

  • PAA CAD. I’ve been eyeing this soap for a long time especially for its kokum butter ingredient !
  • Derby shave stick from Turkey.

Other shave accoutrements

  • Personna Red blade tucks (Israel)
  • Derby blades
  • Whipped Dog poor man’s strop kit for mantaining a straight razor edge.