Barrister And Mann Roam SOTD

Above the Tie SE1 razor, Barrister and Mann Roam shave soap and AS

Razor : AboveTheTie SE1 FeatherAC format stainless steel razor with Ikon Razors Bamboo stainless steel handle and yintal razor stand

Blade : Schick Proline P30 SE blade

Brush: Razorock BC Silvertip Plissoft Synthetic brush

Shave Soap : Barrister And Mann Roam

Post Shave : Alum and B&M Roam AS

Finally first shave with the elsuive Baarrister And Mann Roam shaving soap and Aftershave.

Wonderful strong scent aptly called Roam by Barrister And Mann with strong hints of #tobacco, #tentcanvas #leather #forest #dirt – everything you would smell on an offbeat #adventure.

Wakes up ones senses to bag pack stuff and go on a long adventure drive on offbeat roads. Would be most preferred #weekend #shave. It needs to be released once again and made part of regular line offering by #barristerandmann !

The Above The Tie SE1 single edge Feather Artist Club format stainless steel razor is heavy, border line aggressive razor with the #schick #proline p30 blade. Razor needs a light touch for weight to give a fantastic #BBS #Shave.

Ikon Razors #bamboo #razorhandle with the notches is perfect counter balance to the head and helps navigating the extra long and heavy razor head intuitively.

Personalized #yintalrazor #Razorstand perfectly holds the razor between passes and is very sturdy and stable. This stand won’t tip over with any heavy razor.

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