Shave Of The Day

Monday morning shave

Razor : Phoenix Artist Accoutrements Prismatic

Blade : Gillette Wilkinson Sword

Cream : Vicco labs Sandalwood & Turmeric

Brush : Razorock Finest Badger

Post Shave : Alum

Shave Of The Day

Weekend Shave !

Razor : Razorock Hawk V2 matte black

Blade : Kai captain mild “pink” blade

Brush : Yaqi Silvertip metal handle

Cream : Indian Old Spice Musk

Post Shave : Alum / Biotique Bio Wild Grass post shave balm

Shave Of The Day

Razor : Razorock Mamba + Stainless steel Anodised Halo handle

Blade : Gillette Silver Blue (5)

Soap : Razorock “What the puck” Blue Barbershop

Brush : Razorock anodised aluminium matte black handle rubberset 400 with synthetic plissoft knot

Aftershave : Alum + Aquavelva Classic Ice Blue.