Barrister And Mann Roam SOTD

Above the Tie SE1 razor, Barrister and Mann Roam shave soap and AS

Razor : AboveTheTie SE1 FeatherAC format stainless steel razor with Ikon Razors Bamboo stainless steel handle and yintal razor stand

Blade : Schick Proline P30 SE blade

Brush: Razorock BC Silvertip Plissoft Synthetic brush

Shave Soap : Barrister And Mann Roam

Post Shave : Alum and B&M Roam AS

Finally first shave with the elsuive Baarrister And Mann Roam shaving soap and Aftershave.

Wonderful strong scent aptly called Roam by Barrister And Mann with strong hints of #tobacco, #tentcanvas #leather #forest #dirt – everything you would smell on an offbeat #adventure.

Wakes up ones senses to bag pack stuff and go on a long adventure drive on offbeat roads. Would be most preferred #weekend #shave. It needs to be released once again and made part of regular line offering by #barristerandmann !

The Above The Tie SE1 single edge Feather Artist Club format stainless steel razor is heavy, border line aggressive razor with the #schick #proline p30 blade. Razor needs a light touch for weight to give a fantastic #BBS #Shave.

Ikon Razors #bamboo #razorhandle with the notches is perfect counter balance to the head and helps navigating the extra long and heavy razor head intuitively.

Personalized #yintalrazor #Razorstand perfectly holds the razor between passes and is very sturdy and stable. This stand won’t tip over with any heavy razor.

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Shave Of The Day

Saturday SOTD

Post my wonderful vacation in the hill station of Sahyadri mountain range – Panchgani established by the British during their occupation of India. Wonderful scenic valley of Krishna river and Dhomu dam. Asia’s second highest volcanic plateau – called table land at 4853 feet above Sea level offering a wonderful view of the sorrounding hills of Sahyadri mountain range or the Western Ghats. Panchgani – a paradise for strawberry lovers !

Razor : Karve Shaving D plate

Blade : Polsilver (4)

Brush : Razorock Keyhole synthetic plissoft

Soap : Proraso Green menthol & eucalyptus

Post shave : Alum + Biotique Bio Wild Grass shave gel

Shave Bowl : Fine Accoutrements

The Karve Razor on D base plate is a superbly efficient and smooth shaver when riding the cap. Had a wonderful two pass BBS shave. Have ordered the 4″/4″ and the E and F aggressive base plates as well. Real value for money CNC milled brass razor.

Shave Of The Day

Sunday SOTD – The Phoenix artist accoutrements ecliptic bakelite slant and Green Ray Tibbler brush !

Razor – PAA ecliptic bakelite slant

Blade : Gillette India Permasharp stainless “green” blade

Soap : PAA – The beach

Brush – PAA tibbler green ray synthetic brush

Post shave : Alum block

The Phoenix Artist Accoutrements ecliptic bakelite slant is a reproduction of a little known slant of the yesteryears.

The wet shaving world is fortunate to have several artisan vendors who have different approaches to designing artisan shaveware. Douglas Smythe of PAA is a champion of resurrecting old, often forgotten, obscure as well as off track razors to life again at very reasonable prices.

I must confess, without Douglas and PAA, I wouldn’t have known, and still less, get to use such masterpieces – except in some threads of shave forums and original hardware of some lucky few who are aware and manage to snag a good copy on the internet’s several auction sites. Thanks to Douglas I have two such classics for my #SOTD today.

The excellent reproduction of the Walbusch & Sohnes humpback razor – The PAA ecliptic bakelite slant and it’s done in blood colour – talk about doing it in style !

I quote from the product page of the PAA ecliptic bakelite razor

The Bakelite Alpha Ecliptic is truly a 100% tribute to the original classic and very rare, Walbusch & Sohnes Humpback Razor. So much so, it would be safe to call it a replica or reboot. Same geometry, tolerances, materiel and even the same classic handle! The only difference is aesthetics…the color. The original was brown, yuck. By choosing Ox Blood, I don’t think I stepped too far outside the vintage flavor and the almost marble effect on the handle is beautiful. This razor will patina up nicely!

Another hardware I am using today is an excellent reproduction of a rare Ever Ready brush of the yester years.

Douglas, in his classic naming conventions of his hardware alluding to the mysteries of space – calls his tribute to the Ever Ready –

The Green Ray – 24mm Hybrid Tribble Synthetic Brush – Retro Shave Tech!

The product page calls it – Stylish~Classic Retro~Affordable

And I agree to all of the above !

A fantastic razor and brush at a superb value price point. I got a fantastic two pass BBS shave by following the instructions in the box of keeping the razor along its head on the skin and not trying to use the angle like other DE razors. It’s one of the most efficient razors I’ve used and it’s definately a keeper. Next I’ll have to wait for the bronze finish aluminium version to be available inthe meanwhile that I arrange for the black oxidised version to be part of my shave den !

Razorock Game Changer First Wave !

Snagged a RR Game changer with my choice of radio knob handle.

Razorock Game Changer stainless steel CNC milled safety razor with the radio knob handle

Determined not to miss out – I had an alarm for 5:30 am IST a full hour before the slated 6:30 am IST / 9 PM EDT release announced by Razorock Joe on his twitter handle.

The last three months have seen a lot of excitement build up in the wet shaving circles for the impending release of this much talked about razor. Prototype heads were already doing pass arounds on several wet shaving forums and many well known wet shaving personalities who were passed around the head praised the razor lavishly on their YouTube channels. Nickshaves, iamcdb and many more. Iamcdb also compared the GC head with that of the elusive elitist Wolfmann razor head which recently announced a price hike to $500 per razor and an indefinite wait time for their turn to come up in the wait list.

The Game changer is true to its name and aims to provide an affordable $50 razor with quality and precision so far available in razors 5x-8x that price.

I woke up an hour before and anxiously waited and kept refreshing the Game changer product page for the “Add to Cart” button to go live.

Some 45 minutes before, the sign up page was changed to the product page with handle options drop down, but all showing “sold out” as it was not time yet. The countdown had started !

The 316L SS Barberpole handle, the knurled Radio knob handle (my preference) and the bamboo handle were available in the drop down list.

I already have a few of the amazing barberpole and the bamboo handles. The knurled radio knob is a new one for me.

Not to waste time, I logged in to my account on the site and added a few other amazing products like a second copy of the “SLAB” (Shave like a boss) aggressive razor with the barber pole handle, two more radio knob stand alone handles as replacement for some razor heads whose handles I don’t particularly like, the combo classic blue fougere bundle of soap and AS, a Proraso shave mug and the green Proraso after shave for tackling the Indian summer !

Sharp at 9 PM EDT, the much anticipated “Add to cart” button went live. I quickly added the radio knob handle razor to my already prepared cart, hastily hit checkout and used PayPal with the telephone number already copied to my phone memory for pasting when it returns back for order confirmations. I had rehearsed this purchase and planned it down to every possible detail. This was one deal no one or nothing would stop me from buying. Thanks to PayPal and a very response IB site, within seconds, the deed was done and saw the beautiful “Your Order is confirmed” popup on my mobile.

Months of waiting, refreshing the product page day and night, carefully following Razorock Twitter and Instagram profiles and many forums with discussions on the razor, for any hints or signs of the release date. All the hard work and persistence paid off and I have a confirmed order for the Game Changer in the first wave !

Relieved and a happy man (without breaking the bank), I stayed on line on the game changer product page to see how fast the razors go. I guess a 1000 plus razors may have been on sale with many thousands who had signed up for an email notification.

The barberpole handle sold out in 3 minutes flat, next the bamboo version in 15 minutes and finally the Radio knob handle razors sold out in the next 45 minutes after the bamboo version sold out ! All gone in less than an hour.

Twitter and shave forums were full of mixed chatter of excitement and frustation. Some excited to have snagged a GC, some happy to have snagged one but not their preferred handle and some who lost out on buying one as they were waiting for an email notification and perhaps didn’t anticipate the overwhelming rush of fans to buy this razor.

For the last set of people, I say – they missed out on a milestone in the wetshaving world. Joe would make enough razors to satisfy the market demand which could take several months but the first wave is always the most exciting.

This is a razor for the ones who believed in it, toiled for it by following Twitter and the website for release dates and spent several hours browsing the wet shaving forums and YouTube channels which added a cult status to this razor even before it’s release. Those lucky ones were chosen by the Game changer to be in the first lot buys. It wasn’t for those who waited for email notifications or were waiting casually for one more razor to enter the market.

No sir ! This razor chose who own it and one needs to persevere to be on this list of chosen ones. It’s a razor with a soul and one which will be rarely seen on buy / sell forums.

The razor, each with a unique personalised serial number very much chose it’s master much like the Mountain Banshee in the movie Avatar; who the Na’avi are required to create a binding as a passage of rite for their clan. The Na’avi must toil for it and are rewarded with a life long bond if chosen by the great flying bird.

Joe and his team from Italianbarber will be busy sending out those packages come Monday and it won’t be long before the shave reviews start pouring in on forums and YouTube. I’ll be writing my own here !

Meanwhile some eye-candy from the Italian Barber GC product page.

The Razorock Game Changer cometh !

Razorock announces the time of the Game changer razor release !

Finally ! The much awaited game changer safety razor CNC milled from 316L by Razorock is to go live as per the tweet from Joe. That would be 6:30 am IST here in Mumbai. Very excited to see this after waiting for months when it was announced. A razor to challenge the CNC milled safety razor market by players who sell three piece stainless steel razors north of minimum 185$.

The RR Mamba straight bar and the RR wunderbar slant razor shattered the market by announcing razors at 50$ and 125$.

While the SS Mamba was well received it recieved a mix response and is generally throught to be a mild but efficient razor. The wunderbar on the other hand is a beard slayer and needs an extremely light touch and not recommended for the beginners in wet shaving.

A middle of the line aggressive and smooth razor was natural progression for Razorock which was more on the line of Razors by Wolfmann, Above the Tie and Timless amongst the most preferred CNC milled stainless steel razors. All these razors are in the $$$ niche range.

The Rockwell Kickstarter project shattered the SS market by announcing their 6 base plate version of stainless steel Razor which was precision designed and very smooth and effective and sold in the thousands.

While smooth and very efficient with 6 levels of aggression, it didn’t steal the thunder as a quality CNC milled SS razors, due to it being injection molded to keep cost down. It is very functional, precise, with an industrial look which is bead blasted to a matte finish. It fell out of favour with many who did not approve of its looks or its thick head profile and some also its weight. Many described the shaves as extremely smooth and efficient but “boring”. Wet shaving has moved beyond just a low cost alternative to expensive plastic cartridge razors to also being about enjoying a great shave with good quality products. It’s not only about precision but also about style. The big $$$ brands seem to fill in this need making wet shaving a very expensive hobby.

Enter the Game changer – the successor to the fantastic RR Mamba with its superb design, thin head profile and precision. Joe believes it’s all about tolerances along with good balance of design and art for his razors. Exotic designs and mirror finishes increase the price and production release time and volume for CNC milled SS razors exponentially.

The Razorock Game changer is about to change that with the right balance of price, design, release time and unit volumes with extremely tight tolerances.

Simple elegant design with reasonable tumble finish polishing which guarantees high precision and those tight tolerances.

Quote from on the game changer product page.

Why did we call this razor the Game Changer? It’s really simple! This razor was produced to a standard that is superior to razors which typically costs 4-8 times the price, yet in usual RazoRock fashion we are bringing you the highest standards of quality at a price everyone can afford. The RazoRock Game Changer is built to last a lifetime, machined from marine grade billet stainless steel, the same way a Swiss watch case is machined. This is a razor you can depend on forever!

Build: Full CNC machined to tolerances of two thousandths of an inch

This summarises the soul of the Game Changer and I am eagerly waiting for it’s release at 9 PM EDT / 6:30 AM IST

Shave Of The Day

Tuesday SOTD

Razor : Pearl Shaving open comb head with Razorock 316L SS barberpole handle

Blade : Gillette India Wilkinson Sword blade (1)

Brush : Razorock High Mountain Badger in butterscotch retro rubberset 400 handle

Cream : Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream

After Shave : Alum plus Nivea sensitive shaving cream

The Razor

The Pearl Open Comb head is one of my favorites since I first bought it with a Razorock Jaws hammer safety razor from

The head also came with several other razors such as Cadet and HTGAM symmetry open comb razor.

All fantastic razors loved by wet shavers all over the world. It is well known that all these famous and popular razor brands used the Pearl OC heads.

Unfortunately Pearl OC heads have also carried a reputation of having blade alignment issues or needing some time to align the blade or some OC heads being outright not aligned properly.

In spite of so many such issues the head is still very popular.

It’s a fairly aggressive razor head which I would recommend only for experienced wet shavers. A light touch with a good heavy handle and well aligned blade will give an amazing shave for any kind of beard.

The Razorock 316L stainless steel barberpole handle is one of best value for money razor handles in the market today. Joseph from is known for his innovative ways of disrupting the status quo in the wet shaving world by introducing amazing razors, shave brushes, after shaves and soaps at a price point which is always a new benchmark in the online wetshaving world. He started by offering some extremely value for money products such as Razorock Jaws, SLAB, Mission and Mentor razors and the amazing Plissoft knot which shook the market. More about and Joseph in a subsequent blog post !

The stainless steel 316L barberpole is no exception. At a time when makers like IKON, ATT and many others came out with stainless steel machined handles which were north of 50$, Joseph came out with safety razors with stainless steel handles well below the 50$ price and also put some free blades in a few !

Shave Of The Day

Monday Morning Shave !

Razor : Razorock SLAB (Shave Like A Boss) safety razor

Blade : Gillette India permasharp green blade (2)

Shaving Cream : Parke Avenue cool blue

Brush : Razorock Plissoft 24 mm synthetic

After shave : Gatsby Aqua after shave

Shave Of The Day

Weekend Shave !

Razor : Phoneix Artist Accoutrements bakelite slant

Blade : Gillette India permasharp green blade

Brush : Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Atomic Rocket 26 mm synthetic

Soap : Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements CAD shave soap with kokum butter

Fine Accoutrements clay shaving bowl

April additions to my Shave den

Exciting new additions to my shave den

I’ve been looking at lathering bowls being hsed in YouTube videos for too long. Although I face lather, there are times I have wished for a bowl to lather in. One, they look very cool with their amazing artisan appeal. Second, they add awesomeness to Shave Of The Day #SOTD pictures on social networks.

After doing my research on wet shaving forums and YouTube videos, I went after the most preferred and loved brands.

Captain’s choice lather bowl in sandstone finish, Fine accoutrements lathering bowl in red / cream, Georgetown Pottery G12 shave scuttle and the much talked about innovative travel scuttle by Phoenix Artist Accoutrements made up of the “steel of plastics”, making it literally indestructible, not only from normal falls and bumps, but as demonstrated by several YouTube videos, this shave scuttle will survive most severe & intentional abuse it is subjected to – save one video where it was tossed in the air and punctured with a high bore shot gun shell !

While on the Phoenix Artist Accoutrements website, I also ordered other hardware and software which have received a lot of love and praise from the wetshaving community on the internet. Douglas Smythe, owner of PAA, has been known to bring many vintage hardware and scents back to life, and in style !

I have his original “How To Grow A Moustache” (HTGAM) symmetry open comb razor and his much loved and hated razors PAA Doc in satin finish and PAA prismatic in nickel finish, satin finish travel handle. More about them in a subsequent review blog.

The first batch of goodies which landed on the shores of Mumbai from my “Ship Out Of USA” (SOFU) virtual mailbox in the USA contains the items in the image below and I am very excited to try them out.


  • PAA bakelite open comb slant
  • Razorock SLAB razor (Shave Like A Boss)
  • Ikon razors newer version of their popular single edge razor – the MR-SE with their popular bulldog stainless steel handle in matte finish, takes Feather artist professional format blades.
  • Occam’s single edge razor which also take the Feather artist professional format blades


  • PAA “The Atomic Rocket” synthetic shave brush.
  • Razorock chrome synthetic shave brush
  • Razorock boar bristle brush in ash wood handle
  • Whipped Dog (Larry Andreassen) – my good friend’s 24mm high mountain badger knot in a marble design Luna resin handle.

Shaving bowls

  • PAA travel scuttle
  • Captain’s Choice regular size sandstone finish shave bowl
  • Fine accoutrements lather bowl in red and cream

Shave soap

  • PAA CAD. I’ve been eyeing this soap for a long time especially for its kokum butter ingredient !
  • Derby shave stick from Turkey.

Other shave accoutrements

  • Personna Red blade tucks (Israel)
  • Derby blades
  • Whipped Dog poor man’s strop kit for mantaining a straight razor edge.

Shave Of The Day

Thursday Shave !

Razor : Pearl Shaving SSH-02 open comb

Blade : Supermax Diamond Edge Blade (2)

Shaving Cream : The Body Shop – Maca Root

Brush : Razorock Chubby Silver tip

After shave : Lucky Tiger after shave & face tonic