Saturday SOTD

Post my wonderful vacation in the hill station of Sahyadri mountain range – Panchgani established by the British during their occupation of India. Wonderful scenic valley of Krishna river and Dhomu dam. Asia’s second highest volcanic plateau – called table land at 4853 feet above Sea level offering a wonderful view of the sorrounding hills of Sahyadri mountain range or the Western Ghats. Panchgani – a paradise for strawberry lovers !

Razor : Karve Shaving D plate

Blade : Polsilver (4)

Brush : Razorock Keyhole synthetic plissoft

Soap : Proraso Green menthol & eucalyptus

Post shave : Alum + Biotique Bio Wild Grass shave gel

Shave Bowl : Fine Accoutrements

The Karve Razor on D base plate is a superbly efficient and smooth shaver when riding the cap. Had a wonderful two pass BBS shave. Have ordered the 4″/4″ and the E and F aggressive base plates as well. Real value for money CNC milled brass razor.

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