Sunday SOTD – The Phoenix artist accoutrements ecliptic bakelite slant and Green Ray Tibbler brush !

Razor – PAA ecliptic bakelite slant

Blade : Gillette India Permasharp stainless “green” blade

Soap : PAA – The beach

Brush – PAA tibbler green ray synthetic brush

Post shave : Alum block

The Phoenix Artist Accoutrements ecliptic bakelite slant is a reproduction of a little known slant of the yesteryears.

The wet shaving world is fortunate to have several artisan vendors who have different approaches to designing artisan shaveware. Douglas Smythe of PAA is a champion of resurrecting old, often forgotten, obscure as well as off track razors to life again at very reasonable prices.

I must confess, without Douglas and PAA, I wouldn’t have known, and still less, get to use such masterpieces – except in some threads of shave forums and original hardware of some lucky few who are aware and manage to snag a good copy on the internet’s several auction sites. Thanks to Douglas I have two such classics for my #SOTD today.

The excellent reproduction of the Walbusch & Sohnes humpback razor – The PAA ecliptic bakelite slant and it’s done in blood colour – talk about doing it in style !

I quote from the product page of the PAA ecliptic bakelite razor

The Bakelite Alpha Ecliptic is truly a 100% tribute to the original classic and very rare, Walbusch & Sohnes Humpback Razor. So much so, it would be safe to call it a replica or reboot. Same geometry, tolerances, materiel and even the same classic handle! The only difference is aesthetics…the color. The original was brown, yuck. By choosing Ox Blood, I don’t think I stepped too far outside the vintage flavor and the almost marble effect on the handle is beautiful. This razor will patina up nicely!

Another hardware I am using today is an excellent reproduction of a rare Ever Ready brush of the yester years.

Douglas, in his classic naming conventions of his hardware alluding to the mysteries of space – calls his tribute to the Ever Ready –

The Green Ray – 24mm Hybrid Tribble Synthetic Brush – Retro Shave Tech!

The product page calls it – Stylish~Classic Retro~Affordable

And I agree to all of the above !

A fantastic razor and brush at a superb value price point. I got a fantastic two pass BBS shave by following the instructions in the box of keeping the razor along its head on the skin and not trying to use the angle like other DE razors. It’s one of the most efficient razors I’ve used and it’s definately a keeper. Next I’ll have to wait for the bronze finish aluminium version to be available inthe meanwhile that I arrange for the black oxidised version to be part of my shave den !

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