Tuesday SOTD

Razor : Pearl Shaving open comb head with Razorock 316L SS barberpole handle

Blade : Gillette India Wilkinson Sword blade (1)

Brush : Razorock High Mountain Badger in butterscotch retro rubberset 400 handle

Cream : Patanjali Herbal Shaving Cream

After Shave : Alum plus Nivea sensitive shaving cream

The Razor

The Pearl Open Comb head is one of my favorites since I first bought it with a Razorock Jaws hammer safety razor from Italianbarber.com

The head also came with several other razors such as Cadet and HTGAM symmetry open comb razor.

All fantastic razors loved by wet shavers all over the world. It is well known that all these famous and popular razor brands used the Pearl OC heads.

Unfortunately Pearl OC heads have also carried a reputation of having blade alignment issues or needing some time to align the blade or some OC heads being outright not aligned properly.

In spite of so many such issues the head is still very popular.

It’s a fairly aggressive razor head which I would recommend only for experienced wet shavers. A light touch with a good heavy handle and well aligned blade will give an amazing shave for any kind of beard.

The Razorock 316L stainless steel barberpole handle is one of best value for money razor handles in the market today. Joseph from Italianbarber.com is known for his innovative ways of disrupting the status quo in the wet shaving world by introducing amazing razors, shave brushes, after shaves and soaps at a price point which is always a new benchmark in the online wetshaving world. He started by offering some extremely value for money products such as Razorock Jaws, SLAB, Mission and Mentor razors and the amazing Plissoft knot which shook the market. More about Italianbarber.com and Joseph in a subsequent blog post !

The stainless steel 316L barberpole is no exception. At a time when makers like IKON, ATT and many others came out with stainless steel machined handles which were north of 50$, Joseph came out with safety razors with stainless steel handles well below the 50$ price and also put some free blades in a few !

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